Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Frank Edwards Drops “Frankincense” Album |

Frank Edwards Drops “Frankincense” Album | 

After two years of hard work, contemporary gospel artiste, Franks Edwards, is set to release his latest album, Frankincense, featuring musical greats like Don Moen.
Announcing to the release. Mr. Anthony Chukwudi, the CEO of Honesty Music Entertainment said that the album which has 21 tracks was be launched on Monday, April 25, is all about Jesus and promoting the work of God.
“It is a very wonderful album. I’ve marketed a lot of gospel albums but this particular one is a very special one. It is even more special because people from the outside world are beginning to take a liking to Nigerian music and there is a huge reflection of this in this album. I heard his music for the first time and it agreed with our vision,” he said.
According to Chukwudi, the essence of a two year delay for the album is for it to meet the desired expectations.
“The way we appreciate gospel music out here is huge. So Frank Edwards decided to bring the world together in this album. That was how Don Moen came in to feature in the album. Frankincense is one of the gifts given to Jesus when he was born. So in line with that, this album is something that is soothing to God. You will hear Don Moen speak Igbo language in this album,” he added.
He added that the album is not about money, but about touching lives. “It is about giving back. If you look at this nation, you will realise that things are not working. Nigerians are in pains and this album is here to ease that pain. They should expect something that has never happened before. A lot of Nigerian Christians enjoy Frank Edwards’ music but there is more on the plate.”
Describing Frankincense as a tool for reaching out, Frank Edwards said that it is his desire to use it to touch lives.
“Music is a tool for me to reach out to my generation. Frankincense is more than an album. It is a gift to God. It goes from one worship song to another. We have ballad and reggae, and what I call afro-ballad and so many other genres in it. It is a beautiful piece of work. I’m excited. I can’t wait for you to hear it,” he said.

You can get this album at itunes stores via this link


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