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WATCH: Woman waves goodbye to friends moments before Istanbul suicide bomber blows up

HORRIFYING CCTV footage shows an innocent woman waving goodbye on a busy Istanbul pavement moments before a suicide bomber detonated explosives which killed five people.  UPDATED: 18:50, Sat, Mar 19,2016

(The woman circled was seen waving goodbye before the bomb went off).

The woman can be seen turning around to wave at somebody out of vision before walking down the pavement between fellow shoppers, unaware a giant explosion is about to go off behind them.

A man dressed all in black comes into the camera's view as he stops and appears to loiter before another man comes up to his right in Istiqlal Street, a wide pedestrianised street home to big international shops.

 Anansie singer Skin 'shaken' after witnessing terror attack...
My local shopkeeper told me someone had blown himself up and I walked towards the end of the street

As people slowly walk along the pavement, enjoying their Saturday morning on Istanbul's main shopping street, the scene quickly turns to devastation as the CCTV camera's screen turns red and black with an explosion at about 8.30am.

Shoppers are then seen crouched down, covering their heads in shock.

It is not clear if either the men seen near where the explosion came from were involved in the bombing or were innocent victims.

The devastating scene captured the moment five people were killed by the blast and 36 injured, including two Irish nationals, German and Icelandic citizens.

The man on the right comes into view for a couple of seconds before the bomb explodes
Turkish officials believe the bomber was either from Islamic State (ISIS) or the Kurdish People's Defence Force (PKK).

Horrendous pictures of bodies strewn across the pavement were seen moments after the bomb exploded.

People can be seen in shock just after the blast.

Forensics teams were on the scene all today.

And further video footage showed shoppers, many with children, running from the scene in terror as police officers rush towards the explosion.

A witness said: "My local shopkeeper told me someone had blown himself up and I walked towards the end of the street.

"I saw a body on the street. No one was treating him but then I saw someone who appeared to be a regular citizen trying to do something to the body. That was enough for me and I turned and went back."
The bomber is believed to have detonated his device before reaching his main target, likely resulting in a lower death count.

A senior Turkish official said: "The attacker detonated the bomb before reaching the targeted point because they were scared of the police."

On a normal weekend, more people would be on the popular street, but many residents have been avoiding public areas after 66 people were killed over the last month in different attacks carried out by Kurdish extremists.Last Sunday the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK), claimed responsibility for a suicide car bomb attack in the Turkish capital of Ankara which killed 37 people.

The terror group previously claimed responsibility for a car bombing attack on a military convoy in Ankara which killed 28 people.

The TAK is an offshoot of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (KPP), who Turkish police initially thought had carried out last week's Ankara attack. visit for more.

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