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The missing Girls..

Disappearance of female varsity students: Parents cry to Buhari, Police

Parents of two female undergraduates of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, who mysteriously disappeared from school on February 6, 2016, without trace have appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari and the police authorities to help locate the whereabout of their daughters and ensure their safe return.

Hawanat Adebanke Yusuf, 25 and Nasirat Oyeyemi, 18, both friends and 200 level students of Nursing left the school around 4pm after informing their room mates that they were going to buy some food items at Sabon-Geri market in the city. That was the last time anybody set eyes on them.

The distraught parents, Ibrahim Yusuf, 54, an indigene of Osun state residing at number 12, Alhaji Lasisi street, Idioro, Mushin, Lagos state and Oyeyemi Amisu, 54, from Kwara state said after they were informed of their daughters’ disappearance, they reported the case to the police in Kaduna.

How they got Missing
Yusuf said; “Both Hawanat and Nasirat live were in Queen Amina girls hostel, ABU, Zaria. On Sunday February 6th, 2016, at about 4pm, the two girls told their room-mates that they were going to buy some food items at Sabon Geri market, very close to their school. To the dismay of their colleagues, both friends did not return that same day. The room mates felt that they could have gone to see their relations hoping that they would return for lectures the following day Monday but, unfortunately, they did not return. Their colleagues were therefore worried and they began looking for our contacts in Zaria. When they contacted our relations in Zaria, it was discovered that the girls did not come to them and this heightened the suspicion that the girls might be missing.

The missing Girls Hawanat Yusuf and Nasirat Amisu

Call from relations
‘’My relation in Zaria called to inform me about the development. On Tuesday morning, I embarked on a journey with my son, Ismail, to Kaduna and we met Nasirat’s father at the campus security post. We narrated our story to the security men at the post who sent one of them to go with us to Samaru Police station, very close to the school. We narrated the incident to the Divisional Police Officer and also asked him if it was possible to make a report at MTN office so that they could be traced through their phones. The DPO however asked us not to do so, saying that it was likely the girls eloped with their male friends. He later advised us to take the case to Kaduna State Security office in Zaria. When we got there, the officer in charge collected some information from us and promised to get back to us.

Complaint to the Muslim community
“Later, we were advised to seek the assistance of the Muslim community in the school. We met the President of Muslim Medical Students Association and other students. They were very compassionate, they asked questions about our daughters which we obliged them, while they prayed and advised us to pray for our children’s safe return. They later led us to the Vice Chancellor’s Office who confirmed that he received a report about the missing students and assured us that he would do everything possible to locate their whereabout. He later referred us to the Chief Security officer who informed that the school had already compiled all the necessary information that will assist in the search which will be sent to Kaduna State Security. Since then, we’ve been keeping in touch with them but till date, we’ve not heard any news about them.”

He continued: ‘’ Hawanat is a decent girl. The statement by the DPO that thegirls might have eloped with male friends is not true. I swear with my life that my daughter is still a virgin. She is religious and was not the wayward type. She is my daughter and I know her very well. My daughter is the assistant class representative in her department. She takes her studies seriously. I wonder what she could be going through now. May God guide her wherever she is (shed tears)
“We have spent all we have trying to locate our daughter our daughter. We have visited so many places and every effort proved abortive. This incident happened since February, the police and other security agencies assured us that they are alive yet, they are no where to be found. I don’t know what to do any more. When my wife heard the news, she was devastated and has been ill. I wish I know the situation my daughter is going through right now.”

Father of the second missing girl, Amisu also told Crime Guard that : “Nasirat is a hard-working girl. She has always been guided by the dictates of her religion. She has never been a troublesome girl and I am bothered because I trust what my daughter can do. Contrary to what my daughter will never elope with a male friend. Since her disappearance, there has been confusion in the house. I cannot concentrate on my job any longer.”

Parents’ plea
We are therefore calling on President, Mohammadu Buhari, the governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, the Inspector- General of police and all other security agencies in the country to intervene. We are appealing to them to please use their good offices to trace the whereabouts of our daughters. We believe that with their intervention, we will surely welcome our daughters back to us”

Parents Background
Ibrahim Yusuf is a retired Senior Liaison officer with Julius Berger and is blessed with five children, three boys and two girls. Hawanat is the third child of the family. Nasirat’s father, Oyeyemi Amisu, on the other hand, is a Teacher at Ansaru-Deen College, Ogba. He has four children and Nasirat is the second child.


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