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Africa's Richest Woman Nuggets Of Wisdom.

Secrets of my success — Folorunsho Alakija

Nigerian billionaire fashion-designer and Executive Director at FAMFA Oil, an indigenous Nigerian oil and gas exploration and production company.

AFRICA’s richest woman, Folorunsho Alakija, has remained an enigma of sorts even as she hit international limelight as the woman who beat Oprah Winfrey to the number two spot on the Forbes black women rich list.

Many aspiring women will however find inspiration as she gave a peek into her very essence recently at her inauguration as Chancellor of Osun State university recently, while sharing nuggets of wisdom or “wisdom pills” that have helped her over the years.

Do not accept ‘’No” for an answer – Many doors were shut in my face but I refused to give up and kept going back and it paid off; see where I am today.
Be determined to succeed as there is always a way where there seems to be no way. Only the persistent and diligent find it.

Time is money, use it wisely.

Say “no” to corruption

Find mentors for practical guidance in your chosen career.

Find out God’s purpose for your life and embark on it.

Exercise patience and have courage. Courage is fear that has said its prayers.

Family influence

Always remember, that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.
Don’t sit on the fence but come to Nigeria’s defence. Proffer solutions and follow through.
My personal ethics have been formed through family influence, religious beliefs, life’s experiences, my personal reflections and the culture in which I was raised. My family instilled a strong work ethic in me as a child and they hardly ever missed a day of work.
Ethics is a word I live by because it is conducted in a work environment and in individual daily life. I always try to do the right things and this will be my guiding principle throughout my 5 year tenure at Osun State University.

In addition, she attributes her success to her relationship with God and enjoined all to put their trust in Him who, according to her, brought her from a Moslem family background to become a Born again Christian; singled her out from 52 children for His “divine assignment”; gave her a husband for almost forty years in a marriage that is still growing strong and brought an Executive Secretary to the Oil Industry to break glass ceilings.


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