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GETTING IT RIGHT. OK,let's get it right this time,we all should know that our present state is caused by us "YES".why I said us is just that our current level in life is just because of the state of our minds and not our weakness,as some folks will tell us or the accuser of the brethren,have you ever wondered the difference between you and Myles Munroe, Joel Oesteen,Nathaniel Bassey,Mike Adenuga,Dangote,Bill Gates of this world,do you really think they got there because of less weaknesses than you?,please just get it right this time by understanding that what makes the Difference is our state of mind,when we think great we see greatness,and also know that great thinkers don't stink,and when you fail to think you stink and when you stink you sink,all those super names mentioned above are super today because they started using there minds year's back and not because they don't have any weakness up till date,so maximize your mind today by renewing it daily in o…