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Super Eagle's fresh Boy's x Star boy

Super Eagle's Fresh Blood x WizKids Brand
We all know how the super eagle's won the world Jersey Cup at the just concluded highest level of football tournament Fifa Russia 2018⚽, with their super scintillating Jersey made by world renowned sports giant Nike and  their warri based native outfit..
Coupled with the famous slogan "9ja no dey carry last"
Indeed with this, one will say that the Star Boy  Boss Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun [Wizkid] and his Super eagle's fresh blood brothers no go carry last with the launching of His[wizkid] Merchandise on Monday 10th of September 2018 by the international Sports wear giants Nike...
Super eagle's fashionistas and 2015 African best player winner in the likes of Kelechi iheanacho & Wilfred Ndidi of Leicester city, Alex iwobi and pierre-emerick Aubmayang of Arsenal has taken it up to support the Holla at your crooner with their poses and comments..

alexanderiwobi💫 S T A R B O Y 💫
🗣 “Together Let’s Push & Create Some…
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Fresh Goat Pepper Soup

Fresh Goat Meat Pepper Soup.  Ingredients. 1kg Goat meat 
1 tablespoon Ehuru (Piper guineense )
1/2 tablespoon Uziza seed or iyere (
1 tablespoon Pepper soup spices (combination of gbafilo seed,Uda, alligator pepper and yanghanyanghan locally called Aridan,) or you can just go buy the all ready made pepper soup spice 
Salt to taste 
Uziza leaf or scent leaf 
1 sachet of Goat meat spice 
3 Stock cube 
2 tablespoon of Crayfish 
2 tablespoon of black pepper 
Preparation Method 
Wash your goat meat and put in pot and pour in water to cover it up, add your onion, 1 stock cube, 1 sachet of goat meat spice and set on your burner to boil for about 20mins,by then your meat must have been softened,then add your 1 tablespoon of Ehuru, 1 tablespoon of uziza seed, 1 teaspoon of pepper soup spice because too much of it will cause the soup to get bitter cox of the Uda spice that's in the pepper soup mix,add 2 tablespoon of your grounded crayfish, add more 2 stock cubes, 2 tablespoon of dry blac…

Life Reality..

Good morning people, todays thought goes out to all the mentee of our Motivational Speakers all over the world, our learned life coaches, strategic mind blowers and great achievers, the message is clear to let us all know about a question that bothers my heart and which is, have we asked ourselves,why is our countries still beclouded with citizens still operating in the ignoratum state?even with all the Strategic and packaged seminars going on offline and online,

The answer is so crystal clear, it is because we've tend to understand the bible so much that we are now familiar with it and just teach with our human ideology by playing down spiritual rules,the word of God was made to believe and just to understand based on your daily level and work with the Holy Spirit,the Holy Spirit was giving to us to lead us into all truth, but how can we get all the truth about our lives without a close relationship with the greatest Comforter, no Life Coach or Motivational Speaker can lead you …

It's now Raining on Kiss Daniel....

Singer, Kiss Daniel Buys Himself A 2nd House, Just 4-Years After He Became A Musician Nigerian singer, performer and entertainer, Anidugbe Oluwatobiloba Daniel, popularly known as Kiss Daniel, who burst into limelight after his chart-topping single "Woju", has taken to his Instagram page to show off his latest acquisition, a house in a highbrow area of Lagos. 
The former G-Worldwide artist revealed that he just acquired his second house in the commercial city of Lagos, just four years after he made his professional debut in the Nigerian entertainment industry.
The singer who revealed that he is thankful for God's blessings in his life and on the recent success of his latest singles No Do and 4Days, wrote: “All thanks to GOD Bought my second house in Lagos from @thehavenhomes just 4years into the business.
"I want to say a huge thank you to my FANS. I pray we all succeed just the right way amen #FBI #Havenhomes."

He has also gone ahead to still keep his fans in…

Is Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha still an unknown thing?

An unknown thing Revealed..

We are here to celebrate one of the screen Goddess of Africa by name Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, who came to limelight in the year 2000 by featuring in the movie "The Handkerchief" 

Her focused and resilient spirit landed her with an Award 7years later to win the Best Actress in a lead role award at the African Movie Academy Awards for the movie "Sins of the flesh" she has starred in over 80 Nollywoods movies,this an actress that maintained her stand morally, that didn't allow stardom sway her away, always giving her best each time she appears in front of the screen, 
Married to Franklin Akpotha in the year 2016,

A brand Ambassador for so many brands like Harpic Cleaner,Omo Detergent and Globacom telecommunications, 

She has taken to her Instagram page to celebrate her birthday and thanking God for another completion of 365 days, calling Him(God) so many names in her mother tongue.... The pictures will explain her Gratitude to God the more.


Monday Breakfast...

Healthy breakfast does not cost much. 

Good morning people, what did you have for breakfast today, ours @Ifoods was Noodles with eggs, vegetables and cooked sausage (hotdog), 
This a meal originated from Japan,that can be made from different kinds of flour, wheat, rice and buckwheat flour, which is now a common meal in every Nigerian home right now, maybe because of how easy it is to be prepared or because of how it has won the heart of our kids,  How do you and your family enjoy your noodles, write to us @carolineric9@gmail or in the comment section below,would you prefer plate A or plate B,plate B containing 2pcs of cooked sausage that is rich in fats and salt which also has its side effects on children for high consumption, 
Research has shown that it's unhealthy to consume noodles like that and essential to add your vegetables  and eggs to it in order to boost it's nutritional value intake per meal, because this meal is only rich in carbohydrate and fats,but low in protei…

Barbecue Fresh Fish

Barbecue Fish Recipe
Fresh Fish,
Fresh Pepper,
Knorr Stock Cubes
Vegetable oil,
Fresh Tomatoes,

Preparation Method

Dicet the fish and remove all the unwanted properties in the body, the gills,intestine,after that wash thoroughly well and set aside,marinate the fish with 2stock cubes, curry, garlic and ginger and allow the ingredients to sock in well,
Now in a dry pan heat your vegetable oil, pour in your onions and stir, add your fresh pepper and allow to simmer for about 5minutes,

 Then ,ON your griller to start heating up, then rub your peppered sauce all over the fish until it's been covered with the sauce, then we head over to the riverside haha!!! for the immersion,, now you check how hot your griller have become, now place your fish on the fire and close to burn for about 15mins on each side,and check continuously until it's done, dice your cucumber and fresh tomatoes for appetite arousing as you wait for the fish …